Quantum Mechanics

It is with immense gratitude to ALL that I make this section available here on the site. Due to a lot of questioning in my prayers in the time of solitude that I have to raise the vibration and have more contact with the high frequency light energies, I got the grace and pleasure to know as much as to understand quantum mechanics . As I went deeper into my studies with the professor Hélio Couto the paradigms were being broken day after day, and thus it was possible to expansion of consciousness causing the enigmas and mysteries to be revealed and purely explained to me, bringing me an unparalleled peace and an immense tranquility to deal with everyday earthly things that all of us human beings experience.

After taking the course of more than 150 hours and covering the entire course path of lectures my world view has changed radically on the issues that haunt the planet earth, imposition of religious dogmas, prejudices and incoherent judgments through misinterpretations of various situations due to the absence of unconditional love and spiritual evolution.

The universe is something very complex and at the same time incredibly wonderful, when we finished the course we started to understand the functioning of this immense primordial ocean of energy that governs us making us loving observers and able to be conscious co-creators through the collapse of the wave function thus creating our own reality.

If anyone is interested in joining this evolutionary journey, register on the site and take many quantum leaps!