X-PerceptiON – Develop Perception

The Benefits in the Development of Perception (X-PerceptiON)

Each individual possesses and is at a certain degree or level of perception, such a faculty can benefit the individual who develops it on a large scale. The more perception, the more intuition and the more aware the person is of the reality they are living. Absurd negative things happen in the world due to the lack of perception and direct contact with the feeling of unconditional love that God and the universe convey to us. The key to increasing awareness and having a more harmonious life filled with peace, joy and prosperity is to have genuine contact with The Creator.

How is it possible to have contact with the Creator?

The simplicity to do this depends on each one, just a desire to want to have this contact, because the Creator will always be willing to get in touch with people who demonstrate this intense desire to connect.

What is the procedure to have my first contact with the Creator?

First, it is recognizing that we are a creation made by a consciousness of the universe of very high evolution and admitting that without this consciousness we are NOTHING. With these prerogatives, it is already possible to perform the action so that the first contact occurs.

What should I do to have the first contact with the Creator?

It’s very simple, after meeting the previously mentioned requirements, you just have to make the request and make sure that the Creator has heard your request.

How should I make this order?

There are N ways to make contact with the Creator but there is an easier way, it has already been tested and approved by millions of people around the world who today are able to enjoy a life connected with the Creator, remembering that if really the person ” connected” the essence of this person today is good moral practices and unconditional love for others that gradually increase after making the connection with the Creator.


As an act of humility, submission, and recognition, get on your knees and say a prayer.

God, Creator of the entire universe, I ask you to contact me, I want to surrender to you all my beliefs that prevent me from connecting with you and show me the absolute truth, show me through the Holy Spirit the spirit of truth and the message left by Master Jesus about the importance that love from you has to change our lives completely. Amen.

That done, you have already taken the first step and the Creator already knows that your intention is to become a better and better person. The more you seek the truth the more your life will be transformed, evolution is gradual according to the permission you give to the Creator.

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